Cloud storage of server data

vByte provides business solutions that can protect your data by building an effective data backup strategy even for servers that constantly change the information they store. Our strategy is based on daily backups, covering all of the available servers, providing the full protection that the frequent data changes require.

The database servers with specifics that require constant updating through specially installed applications are Exchange, SQL, and Oracle. There are also file servers and web servers that require a regular update of archiving.

The reliability and the security of the data storage is a necessity for any company. One of the factors that can help the company to achieve this is by providing a secure, high-speed and reliable high-capacity backup server. This server can directly contribute to more trust among the customers and partners of the company. vByte is a specialized company that consults and installs backup servers for companies from various industries. Our experienced team develops tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of each individual customer, covering both archival needs at all levels and expanding services during a process of growth.

vByte is a specialized company that can be your reliable partner. We can plan design and implement exactly this backup server that will meet your requirements and needs. We follow the best practices and standards in designing and installing servers and we work according to what your resources are like price, hardware, software, and manufacturers in order to meet all your short and long-term needs.

Our backup services include:

Installing a server

Configuring a server

Providing backup on a server

Permanent monitoring

Remote Support

Automatization of the processes